Students who have pursued research through at least one CURO research course (4960R, 4970R, or 4980R) are eligible to enroll in a thesis course (4990R) under the direction of a UGA faculty member. The thesis course should expand upon your research, analyses, and writings from previous CURO research course(s).

CURO thesis courses can satisfy various degree program thesis requirements (history and economics) and count toward the Honors thesis capstone for the Morehead Honors College. All students, regardless of Honors College status, are eligible to receive a CURO research scholar graduation distinction on their college transcript if they complete nine hours of CURO research courses, which include the thesis course hours.

Complete and submit the Thesis Course Application.

Thesis course application

CURO Thesis Courses are only available during fall, spring, summer thru, and summer extended sessions. Note that departmental requirements and deadlines may not match CURO deadlines.

If you are intending to enroll in CURO courses with departmental prefixes (for example, BIOL 4990R, ENGL 4990R, CSCI 4990R), you should consult your department’s undergraduate coordinator or academic advisor for guidance on the requirements and how to gain access to those courses.

CURO courses with the HONS prefix (for example, HONS 4990R) are accessed via the CURO Thesis Course Application. To submit an application:

  1. Read the full thesis course application, discuss it with your faculty mentor, and agree on its contents before completing the online application.
  2. Submit the completed Thesis Course Application by the third day of drop/add.

CURO staff will review your application and send it to your faculty mentor and the department’s undergraduate coordinator for their approval.

Access to the course will be granted after your application is reviewed and approved by your faculty mentor, the department’s undergraduate coordinator, and CURO. Once approved, you will receive an email with the corresponding CRN. It is your responsibility to enroll in the course.

You will be notified by email if CURO is unable to process your application because the specified department processes its own research thesis courses. If that is the case, you will need to submit the required forms/application directly to that department.

Thesis submission deadline

If you are a 4990R student and you intend to have your thesis credit count toward CURO Graduation Distinction or Honors Graduation Distinction (Honors Thesis Capstone), you must submit the final, approved version of your thesis to [email protected] by 5 p.m. on the last day of finals. In addition to the thesis itself, please include the Thesis Course Final Submission Approval Form (which requires signatures; typed names and electronic signatures will not suffice) and the Graduation Distinction & Thesis Capstone Application.

Thesis copyright information

The University of Georgia respects the intellectual property rights of students and faculty. You should discuss copyright protection with your faculty research mentor. Information on applying for copyright protection can be obtained at the Library of Congress. Questions regarding copyright should be directed to your mentor.

Thesis writing resources

In many cases, your thesis may take the form of a publishable article within your subject discipline. You should ask your thesis director about the requirements of the discipline (e.g. citation style standards) and consult published articles.

If you are working in the creative disciplines, you may prepare a written documentation of your creative process. In general, the written document supporting a creative work should contain a description of the work, influences affecting the creation of the work, and the theoretical background of the work. This document must conform to the standards of style in your faculty mentor’s department.

The Jill and Marvin Willis Center for Writing offers support to students, faculty, and staff on a wide variety of writing projects.