At the University of Georgia, many of our top faculty members include undergraduates in their research programs, and we would love to assist you in providing even more opportunities for UGA students. To that end, we’ve included a few tips below on how to get started working with undergraduate researchers.

How do I participate in CURO?
You can serve as a research mentor to an undergraduate student. We are so appreciative of our mentors!

Can you help me find a student for my project?
We can post your available projects on the current opportunities section of our website.

I have a non-Honors student. Can they participate in CURO?
Yes! Since 2011, CURO has been open to all undergraduates at UGA. Students can participate in CURO and receive funding and course credit whether they are Honors or non-Honors.

What are my responsibilities for research courses (4960R, 4970R, etc.)?
If a student wishes to get course credit for their research, you will need to work with them to fill out an application either from the CURO website or from your home department, depending on what prefix they want to register for. This application is basically a syllabus for a 1-person class that includes descriptions of the overall project and what the student will be doing, as well as a list of assignments that the student will turn in and their weight for the student’s grade (as research classes are A-F graded classes). At the end of the term, you will need to turn in a grade for the student for their research class.

What are my responsibilities for CURO Research Awards?
When you approve a student’s research award application, you are agreeing to mentor the student for the project described in the application. This includes meeting with the student on a regular basis and assuring that progress is being made. We also encourage you to have your student present their research at the CURO Symposium.

Are there other ways that I can help?
Other ways that you can be involved in CURO include:

For more information or additional assistance, contact the CURO office at [email protected].