At the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), we facilitate sustained, progressive, faculty-mentored undergraduate research during any of your undergraduate years—including your first semester at the University of Georgia. You can conduct undergraduate research in any discipline, through any major, and with any GPA.

CURO is housed at the University of Georgia in Moore Hall, Room 203, under the Morehead Honors College, and is open to any undergraduate at UGA.

The Council on Undergraduate Research defines undergraduate research as: A mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by undergraduates that seeks to make a scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge, with an emphasis on process.

We work to support you in identifying opportunities, choosing a mentor, and presenting your work.

Through CURO, you can:

  • Pursue a self-selected research project and earn course credit hours that can count toward degree program completion
  • Gain access to presentation and funding opportunities
  • Form a mentoring relationship focused on conducting research and professional development
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your chosen field by working closely with a faculty mentor

CURO maintains a listing of current UGA undergraduate research opportunities. Find out more on our current opportunities page.