Undergraduates at the University of Georgia are eligible for CURO graduation distinction dependent on their involvement in undergraduate research. This includes earning course credit, completing a thesis, and presenting at the annual CURO Symposium.


  • Earn nine hours of CURO course credit. CURO courses are numbered 4960R, 4970R, 4980R, and 4990R
  • Complete a CURO thesis course (4990R). This counts toward the nine required course credits
  • Present at the CURO Symposium

Applying for distinction

To apply for the distinction, you need to submit three items to [email protected]:

  1. The thesis you completed as part of your thesis course (4990R)
  2. The thesis approval form. Note that the thesis approval form requires signatures. Typed names and electronic signatures will not be accepted
  3. The CURO graduation distinction application

Application deadline

Because the thesis serves as the culmination of your research work, we recommend that you apply immediately upon completing your thesis, if you have met all other requirements. The latest you can submit your thesis materials and application is 5 p.m. on the last day of finals in the semester you plan to graduate. Materials will not be accepted after this deadline.

CURO course credit

If you have taken a course other than those listed above, it will not be eligible for CURO course credit and will not count toward CURO graduation distinction. A CURO course is numbered 4960R, 4970R, 4980R, or 4990R. The -R suffix marks the course as a CURO research course.

Transcript notation

The distinction will appear as a permanent notation on your UGA transcript.