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research courses

CURO Research Course Application link:

Research Course Application

The application should be opened and completed in Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader).

About CURO Research Courses:

These three sequential courses (4960H, 4970H & 4980H) offer all students an opportunity to earn 4000-level, Honors course credit for individual research pursued under the direction of a faculty mentor.

CURO research courses can satisfy degree program requirements and count towards Honors Program graduation requirements.

CURO recommends that students consult with their academic advisor to best determine how the course will advance their degree program.


All students--regardless of major, year, or GPA--may pursue these courses.

Students must have completed 15 (residence) credit hours prior to applying for one of these courses. Honors students, however, are allowed to enroll in a CURO course during their first semester.


Faculty Mentor

Students pursuing a CURO research course must have a faculty mentor who will direct the research and mentor the student. Faculty mentors will be either an Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or Professor.

Completing and Submitting the Course Application

CURO Research Courses are only available during Fall, Spring, Summer Through, and Summer Extended Sessions. Applications are due by the third day of drop/add during the semester for which the student is applying. Please note that departmental deadlines may not match CURO deadlines.

Students should:

  1. Complete the Research Course Application with their mentor's assistance.
  2. Have their mentor sign off on the appropriate signature line.
  3. Obtain the signature of the appropriate undergraduate coordinator (UC). This will be the UC from the department whose prefix the student listed*.

*HONS prefixed courses do not require the signature of an undergraduate coordinator.

  1. Submit the application to 203 Moore College by the third day of drop/add during the semester for which the student is applying.
  2. CURO will review the application, provide the CURO Associate Director’s signature and grant access to the course.
  3. Students will receive an e-mail asking them to enroll in the course. 

Questions or concerns about this process should be directed to Ms. Kerrie Bethel at kabethel@uga.edu or 706-542-5871.

Course Prefix

On the application, students are required to provide a four letter course prefix  (e.g. BIOL, ENGL, HIST...). Not all academic departments offer all CURO courses. Please consult the UGA Bulletin to determine if a department offers these courses.

Course Credit Hours

On the application, students are required to list the course credit hours. Each academic department offering CURO courses will set the total credit hours. Please consult the UGA Bulletin to determine the correct credit hours for the course.

Course Progression

Students are encouraged to begin with 4960H*. Doing so allows them to continue with 4970H and 4980H in successive semesters. This progression also reflects a gradual increase in academic rigor.

*if available. If not, begin with the earliest numerical CURO research course.