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CURO Research Mentoring Awards

The CURO Research Mentoring Award recognizes outstanding faculty who consistently engage undergraduates through CURO programming—courses, the Symposium, Summer Fellows, theses, etc.—and enhance the learning experience of undergraduate researchers at the University of Georgia. Award recipients receive $750 to provide further support for mentoring undergraduate research endeavors.

Two awards will be granted each year. Recipients will be recognized during the Keynote Session of the annual CURO Symposium, and their names will appear in the annual Symposium Book of Abstracts.


Current or former students, deans, directors, and/or department heads can nominate outstanding faculty from their departments and research units who demonstrate superior undergraduateresearch mentorship by submitting the faculty member’s full name, home department/college, and contact information to Kerrie Bethel (kabethel@uga.edu) with the subject heading “CURO Faculty Mentoring Award Nomination.” We will contact the faculty members to solicit additional materials.

Faculty members can nominate themselves by submitting the following application materials:

  • A cover letter explaining the faculty member’s interest in collaborating with undergraduate students on research issues – i.e. what are the advantages to mentoring undergraduates?
    • Please include the faculty member’s full name, home department/college, and contact information.

  • A list of the undergraduate students mentored through CURO coursework-funded opportunities, the CURO Symposium, conference presentations, and/or publications.
    • Whenever possible, indicate the outcomes/professional impact of this work on the student.

  • 2-3 letters of support from current and/or past students who participated in research with the faculty mentor through CURO coursework or programming.

Submit these materials through email (as a PDF) or campus mail (for printed copies) to Kerrie Bethel at kabethel@uga.edu or 203 Moore College.


Application deadline: February 12, 2018


Review and Selection

The Director of Honors and CURO and the Associate Director of Honors and CURO will review the nomination portfolios.

They will look for evidence of achievement and success in outstanding mentoring and teaching; supervision of CURO research courses; direction of CURO Theses; collaboration on publications (especially submission to JURO); and presentations at CURO Symposia and professional conferences.

Award recipients will be notified by the beginning of March.



Previous CURO Faculty and Department Mentoring Award Winners:


  • Dr. Kevin McCully, Professor of Kinesiology, Director of the Exercise Muscle Physiology Laboratory, College of Education
  • Dr. Brenda Cude, Professor, Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 2016

  • Dr. Mable Fok, Assistant Professor, Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College Of Engineering
  • Dr. Richard Lewis, UGA Foundation Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Foods and Nutrition, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 2015

  • Dr. Jeb Byers, Professor, Odum School of Ecology
  • Dr. Erik Hofmeister, DVM, DACVAA, DECVAA, MA (Anesthesia), Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Chief of Small Animal Surgery and Anesthesia, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • 2014

  • Dr. Carl Bergmann, Associate Vice President for Research Facilities; Associate Director, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center; Executive Director, Animal Health Research Center; Senior Research Scientist
  • Dr. Andrew Owsiak, Department of International Affairs, School of Public & International Affairs
  • 2013

  • Master Level Faculty Award: Dr. Jennifer McDowell, Department of Psychology, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences
  • Early Career Faculty Award: Dr. Katalin Medvedev, Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • 2012

  • Master Level Faculty Award: Dr. Lawrence Shimkets, Department of Microbiology
  • Early Career Faculty Award: Dr. Michael Yabsley, Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources & the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • 2011

  • Master Level Faculty Award: Dr. Eric Stabb, Department of Microbiology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  • Early Career Faculty Award: Dr. John Drake, Odum School of Ecology
  • Program Award: Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Dr. Kenneth McLeod, Interim Director
  • 2010

  • Early Career Faculty Award: Dr. John C. Maerz, Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources