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Interested in research but unsure where to begin? Consider taking a CURO Gateway Seminar. 


These one-credit-hour, graded A-F seminars help undergraduates define what it means to conduct research in a certain field or discipline. Undergraduates also develop basic research skills and methods for identifying and approaching potential mentors.


Who should strongly consider a Gateway Seminar?

  • Undergraduates in their first or second year;
  • Undergraduates who have not identified a specific research interest or faculty mentor;
  • Undergraduates who want to develop an understanding of the research process before enrolling in a 3-4 credit hour CURO research course.

Gateway Seminars are offered each Spring semester. Access must be obtained through the CURO Office. Please call 706-542-5871 or email Ms. Kerrie Bethel (kabethel@uga.edu) for access.


SPRING 2017 Gateway Seminars

HONS 3040H (CRN-37091): Introduction to Research in Business

Professor Annette Poulsen, Augustus H. "Billy" Sterne Chair of Banking and Finance (apoulsen@uga.edu)

1 Credit Hour

Day/Time: Wednesday 9:05 - 9:55AM

Location: 102 Moore College (Building 0025)


This introductory course is designed to be a primer for students interested in research in the business environment.  Students will gain an understanding of the research process, including development of the research question, methodologies, evidence and the ethical considerations.  Students will be educated on how to identify and approach a research mentor to fulfill their own goals of undergraduate research.  Students will also be given skills in how to read and evaluate journal articles and compose their own research proposal.  By the end, it is expected that students will be comfortable establishing contact with a faculty mentor and be able to provide some understanding and insight into the research process.


Research Proposal:


The student will prepare a 1-page research proposal including a background/introduction and proposed question and method: In order to earn a passing grade, students must: 1) attend all lectures, 2) produce a journal article critique of sufficient quality, 3) produce a research proposal of sufficient quality, 4) read all assigned materials, 5) participate during class in discussions and question and answer.


Course Objectives:


Understand the research process and will meet Terry faculty engaged in research. In addition to Professor Netter’s discussion of Finance and Economics there will be presentation on research in other business disciplines including marketing, management, accounting

  • Learn about the relevance of research.
  • Know how research is undertaken.
  • Know the ethical considerations.
  • Learn vocabulary of research and how it is used.
  • Understand how to find research publications
  • Understand how to read a journal article critically
  • Learn how to make contact with faculty mentors for CURO research
  • Know the elements of a research proposal and how to draft one.